Playing for Keeps

10 Apr

The title “Playing or Keeps” leads you to think there will be romance and relentless  efforts made to get back the love of his life. Yet it took the move almost an hour before you even see George (Gerard Butler) act like fighting for Stacie (Jessica Biel) is worth it. The first part of the movie was just about George’s booty call tendencies. Uggggggggggggh – it was so disappointing. The movie had GREAT potential to be about a man fighting for his family. If you are looking for a good chick flick, I would not pick this movie. If you want a true romance movie starring Gerard Butler then “P.S. I Love You” is a far better choice.


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The Intouchables

29 Mar

Finally, they had a copy of “The Intouchables” at Redbox available today. The movie is BRILLIANT. I can see why it was always checked out. The friendship between Francois and Omar seems authentic and true. The unlikely bond is what makes you get lost in the story. Francois emotion of lost and yearnings are real. Omar’s zest for life is more precious than all of Francois money. Yet the true value is the friendship you see develop over time. This movies is a CLASSIC and MUST SEE MOVIE in my book.  And ladies there is a sweet little romance in the story too. BONUS!

You can find the movie at Redbox or Netflix.

Won’t Back Down

24 Feb

Unfortunately for the box office Won’t Back Down was released during the same time Chicago teachers were on strike. I think their act of civil disobedience tainted people from giving “Won’t Back Down” a chance.

The movie does an excellent job of showing both sides of the issue of education reform and teacher unions. It also talks about the children and families caught in the crossfires of this debate. As someone who works in education I was cheering on the parents not because I do not the value what our teachers are doing in America. But for the undying love  Jamie (Maggie Gyllenhaal) demonstrated for her daughter Malia. She wanted better for her daughter even if that means she had to work hard to fight a system that was broken.

If you are a parent and have to rely on public education for your family then take a moment out of your busy schedule and watch this movie. And if you have the time – get involved with your school’s PTA so your voice can be heard. Change will never happen unless everyone is at the table. Hope you enjoy the movie as much as I did. You can find the movie at Redbox (click here to RSVP online)  or put it in your Netflix DVD queue.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

15 Feb

I missed The Perks of Being a Wallflower when it debut in the theater so I was excited to see it was released this month on DVD. I actually had to drive to a couple of Netflix kiosk due to technical error at the one I reserved it at. I heard that the movie was a possible Oscar nominee so I wanted to weigh in on my opinion.

However I didn’t really research what the movie would be about. From the title I could deduce that it was about the outsiders but I was not prepared for the thought provoking issues addressed in the movie. The Perks of Being a Wallflower is told from a freshman in high school point of view.  The movie has a superb cast of young actors. I can see why there was rumblings about the movie being nominated for Oscars.

I was trying to multi-task when I was watching the movie but I found myself putting down my project and becoming engrossed in the story. I might have taken the movie to heart more than others because I work with teens but you are going to want to watch this movie with others so you can discuss it afterwards. Click here to go put your copy on reserve at Redbox. 

For This Child We Prayed Quilt

13 Feb

For This Child We Prayed

“For This Child We Prayed” Quilt by Chick Flick Diva Designs 

To kick off our Clothed in Love fundraising season, we are placing “For This Child We Prayed” quilt up to for sale. 

And the quilt goes to…. THE HIGHEST BIDDER :)

The For This Child We Prayed is a 40 x 70 size quilt. The design was created to honor the families who are adopting children from Africa.  100% of  the proceeds from the sale will go to the “Loving Heart Babies Home” in Uganda.

The Loving Heart Babies Home can house up to 30 babies. Children who reside in the home range in age from newborn to 2 years old.They currently have 15 babies residing with them. These adorable babies have been abandoned by their families, left often in the streets and brought to the home by local authorities. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Loving Heart Babies Home. Want to know more about Loving Heart Babies Home click here

Loving Heart Babies Home


Similar to a silent auction or eBay, we are placing the above quilt up for sale on our Facebook Page. The opening bid is $35. The bidding will go live at 9pm, February 13, 2013 (EST) on the Clothed in Love Facebook Page.  The bidding will end on February 15, 2013 at 11:59pm EST and sold to the highest bidder. Click here to bid on the quilt.

In order to start the bidding a person must write a comment on the “For This Child We Prayed” photo on how much they are bidding. To raise the bid,  the next person to give a bid must go higher than the previous bid for the quilt. This will continue until the bidding is closed on Friday, February 15th.

Once the bid is closed the highest bidder must pay for the quilt within 24 hours otherwise it will go to the next highest bidder. Once payment is received via PayPal, we will ship the quilt to the family.

Please note the pattern for the “For This Child We Prayed” quilt will go on sale March 1, 2013 via Craftsy and Etsy. We will be posting the direct links closer to the launch date. If you are interested in receiving a notification of when the pattern is available please email us at or write a comment of the Clothed in Love Facebook Page. 

LET THE BIDDING BEGIN….at 9pm of course :) 

Less is More

13 Feb

Big Sister

Awwwwwww – don’t you just love that photo of me and my younger brother? I feel this photo captures my heart and nature to the core. I love to give a hand to others. I love to show that I love you and care about you. I love being your #1 cheerleader. Yet after  years of being burned by people and hurt by people I started to close myself off and become more Ms. Independent and less God dependent.

I’m pretty sure that over the last month you have learned that I like to do LOTS of stuff at one time. I like to keep busy with things I enjoy. But most of my activities can be done alone and does not require that I share my space or time with others. Yet my God Sized Dream is really about building a community to care for orphans.

This week for our God Size Dream team assignment we needed to identify what we are going to decrease so we can increase our time to follow our God Size Dream. This assignment has had me pondering what could I change and do differently. And then I was sitting in church and they asked for people to volunteer to serve on a ministry team.

It was like God was tapping me on the shoulder and saying, I want you to get more involved with your church. 

Out of obedience, I filled out the connection card to help with Children’s Ministry. I will admit that I grumbled a little bit and said “God but I work with kids all week long, can’t my time at church just be about me?”

And like any good parent, He quickly replied “No, you’ve been sitting back for far to long. I called you to this church for a reason.”

Then on Monday I received a packet from Compassion International about Compassion Sunday. They were asking for volunteers to speak at their local churches.

Once again I felt God tapping me on the shoulder and saying, I want you to be the spokesperson for Compassion Sunday for your church. I want you to ask your church to get involved with orphan care in three different ways. The idea was clear and obtainable.

But then I realized that I had a scheduling conflict on April 21st. And how can I work full time, get Clothed in Love up and running, volunteer at my church and work this part time gig I have.

Then it became clear to me, God wanted me to have more time with him and doing his work and less of me doing a part time job to have mad money in my savings account. He wanted me to invest in heavenly riches and not earthly riches. 

It was like God gave me homework assignments to complete (due date -eternity) – here is the assignment:

  1. God wanted me to be seeking his face and his wisdom. 
  2. God wanted me to be an active member of my church not just a bench warmer.
  3. God wanted me to use my uniqueness to serve his church and the world. 
  4. God wanted me to realize that I was called to that body of believers to advocate for orphans. 
  5. God placed James 1:27 on my heart and reminded me that I was the voice who needed to champion the cause.


God wanted me to STOP working in isolation and begin to work with the church and for the church. Because as you can see, that little girl in the picture still lives in me. That little girl loves to be around people and live life with people. That little girl loves using her heart to draw people to Christ. That little girl was created to commune with others.

So I have committed to decrease my “ALL ABOUT ME” time to increase my “ALL ABOUT GOD” time. 

I want to focus less on me and MORE on him. What are you doing to decrease in your life to make room for your God Sized Dream? Go link up your dream at


Here Comes The Boom

11 Feb

Here Comes The Boom – IS HILARIOUS :) It isn’t a Chick Flick by any means but I love Kevin James and his ability to make the simplest gestures comedic.  I also appreciate that the movie talks about fighting for what you believe in and especially fighting for kids. One of my favorite type of exercise is boxing so it was cool watching Kevin train for the matches. The strength the MMA players have to have is incredible to watch too. Tap Out has new meaning for me. And ladies there is a small romance between Kevin and Salma that will make you smile.

With the flu going around you might spend this Valentines Day in doors so do yourself and your Valentine a favor and go rent Here Comes the Boom.  You might find it on OnDemand but I say while you are picking up the cold medicine just reserve the movie online and pick it up from Redbox. Here is the Redbox link to make the reservation:

Still sitting on the fence about this movie – then check out the trailer


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