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Playing for Keeps

10 Apr

The title “Playing or Keeps” leads you to think there will be romance and relentless  efforts made to get back the love of his life. Yet it took the move almost an hour before you even see George (Gerard Butler) act like fighting for Stacie (Jessica Biel) is worth it. The first part of the movie was just about George’s booty call tendencies. Uggggggggggggh – it was so disappointing. The movie had GREAT potential to be about a man fighting for his family. If you are looking for a good chick flick, I would not pick this movie. If you want a true romance movie starring Gerard Butler then “P.S. I Love You” is a far better choice.


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Pitch Perfect

2 Feb

Pitch Perfect is a MUST SEE CHICK FLICK in my book. I am not to sure why the movie was not  a smash hit in the movie theater. I was laughing out loud when I saw it.  If you like watching movies with singing like a Glee episode then you are going to want to watch Pitch Perfect. Like most comedies these days, there are crude moments but nothing over the top.  This movie is for people who love music and are amazed by perfect harmonies. This is the perfect movie to watch after a bad – you are bound to smile and find something funny. And let’s be honest – doesn’t music always put you in a good mood?

I would stop by Redbox to pick it up. Here is the link to reserve it:

Also check out the trailer – I bet you will laugh :)

From Prada to Nada

13 Jan

In my forever quest to find a romantic comedy, Netflix suggested that I watch From Prada to Nada. I took a chance and loved the movie. HIGH FIVE to Netflix for knowing me so well :) I love this made for TV movie.

One of messages from Prada to Nada is to be true to themselves and discover who you really are. I am also enjoyed to see movies with a strong Latino cast. Not to mention that Wilmer Valderrama looks EXTREMELY HOT in the movie. I have always been a sucker for the bad boy look :) Of course there are a few stereotypes in the movie but From Prada to Nada is a perfect movie to watch with your girls or find something to unwind with after a long day. You can find From Prada to Nada on Netflix’s instant play.

Liberal Arts

7 Jan

Liberal Arts was a Redbox find I decided to take chance on. Independent film romantic comedies tend to think outside of the box when it comes to romance. And Liberal Arts did fall into that category however I did enjoy the film and the romantic twist. Just when I thought I knew where the romance was going – SURPRISE – here comes the curve ball :)

If you are looking for a different type of romance then you may enjoy Liberal Arts. However if you like the Hollywood type romance stories then you may want to skip this movie.  If you can’t find it at your local Redbox you can also find Liberal Arts on Netflix on DVD. Check out the trailer below. I always like to discuss movies so be sure to leave a comment.

A Christmas Kiss

21 Dec

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching movies and relaxing during the holidays. I love the sappy, cheesy romance movies with the Christmas theme. Yep, you guessed it right “A Christmas Kiss” totally meets that expectation. The story line is super predictable but at the same time it is heartwarming. I love the relationship Wendy has with her friends and how her courtship unfolds. The only weird part is Laura Breckenridge  often sounds like Shannon Daughtery at times which had me curious if they were related at all but they are not related. You can find the movie on Netflix instant play if you are looking for something to watch in the upcoming days.


Holiday Engagement

3 Dec

I love the Hallmark Channel during the holidays. When I go home for the holidays I often do Hallmark Channel movie marathons while knitting, baking or doing crafts. Holiday Engagement is actually a movie I missed so when I saw it available on Netflix I quickly put it in my instant queue.  Holiday Engagement was a fun romantic comedy about a girl who hires a man to play her fiance. Why she couldn’t just tell the truth to her family you ask – watch the movie and you will discover her need to hide the truth. Be sure to add Holiday Engagement to your Netflix queue.

The Family Stone

26 Nov

The Family Stone is a genuine holiday drama most people never saw but should see. The movie has an all star cast (Rachel McAdamsDermot MulroneySarah Jessica ParkerClaire DanesLuke WilsonDiane KeatonCraig T. NelsonTyrone GiordanoBrian WhitePaul SchneiderElizabeth Reaser) who make you feel like you are a fly on the wall as you watch the story unfold. If you love stories about family traditions and unconditional love then you are going to enjoy the Family Stone.  The movie had mixed reviews at the time but I think it is a MUST SEE movie especially during the holidays. You can find the movie on Netflix.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting

2 Oct

At first I was leery about watching What to Expect When You’re Expecting since my biological clock has gone from ticking to gonging at this point. But it is a chick flick so you know I had to watch it. Cameron Diaz is often described as the star of the movie. Yet Elizabeth Banks takes the cake in my book because she talks about the difficulty of being pregnant. I love that the screen writer talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of childbirth. It was especially refreshing to see a couple going through the adoption process. There is a good balance between comedic moments and tearful scenes. If you are looking for a chick flick that pokes fun at pregnancy then you will love What to Expect When You’re Expecting. You can find the movie on Netflix, iTunes, and Redbox.


1 Oct

Have your ever picked out a movie just because you liked the cover? Well that’s how Hysteria became a Redbox choice for me. It look liked a chick flick so I didn’t read the description. Little did I know that it was a movie about how Mortimer Granville created the first female vibrator. In the 19th century women were often diagnosis with Hysteria for having cramps, depression, exhaustion, insomnia or sexual frustration. Two centuries later that same women would have been prescribed Midol (LOL). The movie is a fun comedy and has a cute romance. This is not a 50 Shades of Grey story or a Magic Mike movie but you will find it a lighthearted British chick flick. This is a perfect movie for  a girls night in :) ENJOY


30 Sep

Unconditional is a FABULOUS movie that makes the audience think about the importance of investing in the lives around you. It’s hard not to fall in love with all of the characters for the message is authentic and real. It is easy to see how you can make a difference in someone else life. Unconditional also talks about God’s love and how he will continue to pursue you to demonstrate that love. The extra bonus is Michael Ealy’s deep voice, captivating eyes and genuine smile. He makes you want to be a part of Papa Joe’s world. If you like movies like Courageous or Fireproof you are going to love Unconditional. The movie is currently in limited release so put it in your movie queue for Netflix or look for it to be on DVD most likely in the early part of 2013.


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