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Pitch Perfect

2 Feb

Pitch Perfect is a MUST SEE CHICK FLICK in my book. I am not to sure why the movie was not  a smash hit in the movie theater. I was laughing out loud when I saw it.  If you like watching movies with singing like a Glee episode then you are going to want to watch Pitch Perfect. Like most comedies these days, there are crude moments but nothing over the top.  This movie is for people who love music and are amazed by perfect harmonies. This is the perfect movie to watch after a bad – you are bound to smile and find something funny. And let’s be honest – doesn’t music always put you in a good mood?

I would stop by Redbox to pick it up. Here is the link to reserve it:

Also check out the trailer – I bet you will laugh :)

A Christmas Kiss

21 Dec

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is watching movies and relaxing during the holidays. I love the sappy, cheesy romance movies with the Christmas theme. Yep, you guessed it right “A Christmas Kiss” totally meets that expectation. The story line is super predictable but at the same time it is heartwarming. I love the relationship Wendy has with her friends and how her courtship unfolds. The only weird part is Laura Breckenridge  often sounds like Shannon Daughtery at times which had me curious if they were related at all but they are not related. You can find the movie on Netflix instant play if you are looking for something to watch in the upcoming days.


Christmas Lodge

30 Nov

Christmas Lodge is the type of family story I love to watch during the holidays. Not to mention that I secretly hope I own a log cabin and wake up to a white Christmas. And who doesn’t love the girl next door stories? The heroine is always true to herself and fights for what she believes in. Christmas Lodge reminds us the importance of family traditions being passed on from one generation to the next. If you love how the holidays brings your family together then you are going to appreciate Christmas Lodge.  You can find it on Netflix.

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding

3 Oct

Peace, Love and Misunderstanding was on my summer blockbuster must see list. I had even planned to kick off my Triple Dog Dare movie bliss with Peace, Love and Misunderstanding. Yet on June 21 I could not find the movie anywhere. It was never released in my area and iTunes did not have it either. I was so disappointed because I was confident that Peace, Love and Misunderstanding was positively a fun chick flick.  So imagine how excited I was to see that it was being released on October 2nd.

I am convinced that my bohemian tendencies may have influenced my point of view of Peace, Love and Misunderstanding. Grace (Jane Fonda) was the coolest grandmother EVER. She may smoke way to much weed for my liking but she was being her authentic self which I always admire in strong female leads. Grace and her daughter Diane appear to be polar opposites yet similar in many ways. Take a moment and watch how Grace’s hippy lifestyle becomes a tremendous source of love for her daughter and grandkids. Peace, Love and Misunderstanding is a MUST SEE CHICK FLICK.


Darling Companion

23 Sep

Darling Companion is a delightful story about Beth(Diane Keaton) who discovers a wounded dog on the side of the freeway. She quickly bonds with the dog (Freeway) and becomes upset when Joseph (Kevin Kline) when loses Freeway in the woods. Beth and Joseph begin to search for Freeway and enlist the help of their family members. As they are searching for Freeway we also get a chance to discover more about each character. Unlike the movie Marley, Darling Companion is more about people and their relationships rather than about the adorable dog. It’s a great CHICK FLICK in my book.  You can find it at Redbox and Netflix.


26 Aug

W/E  is an intense drama about King Edward and Mrs. Wallis Simpson. You also meet a modern day woman named Wally who is obsessed with the story of W/E and is searching for a true love of her own. Madonna does an excellent job of directing W/E. Her vision to switch back and forth between the two parallel lives illustrates the similarity of both women. You become attached to both women and wonder if either lady will experience true love. Of  course W/E is the Hollywood version of the love story between King Edward and Mrs. Wallis Simpson but it is compelling. The movie is perfect for a movie discussion with friends over a glass of wine and munchies. You will yearn to have some type of dialogue about the movie. If you want to have a royal family double feature then also watch King’s Speech to see what happens to King George once he has take over the throne from his brother. Who among you would sacrifice everything (money, family and prestige) for the one you love?  I would love to hear your thoughts about W/E.  As you may have guessed already I think this movie is a total chick flick. You can rent it form Netflix, iTunes or Redbox.


25 Aug

Sparkle is a coming of age drama about a girl who dreams about becoming a singer but does not want to go against her mother’s wishes. Although the cast members did an excellent job, it was Whitney Houston stole the show in my opinion. Whitney Houston does a superb job portraying a mother who is stern and wants the best for her girls. Ironically one of the subset storyline is about Sparkle’s sister and her battle with drugs. The story may remind you of Whitney Houston’s struggle with drugs and being in a toxic marriage. The movie also has a heartwarming love story that will make you want to see the movie over and over again. There is singing in the movie but it is not the primary focus of the movie. So if you are hoping for a musical style movie like Rent then you will be disappointed. Give the movie a chance you will be pleasantly surprised.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

28 Jul

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a refreshing story about faith and following your heart. Most of the films I have seen Kristin Scott Thomas in she is always playing a very serious role so it was pleasant to watch her in more comedic role. I also quickly fall in love with Emily Blunt and Ewan McGregor who have great chemistry together. I found myself smiling at touching moments throughout the movie. You have to see this romantic comedy. DEFINITELY A MUST SEE CHICK FLICK!  You can find the movie at Redbox, iTunes, Amazon or Netflix.

The Art of Seduction

23 Jul

One of the movies Netflix suggested I watch was The Art of Seduction. You have to be in the right mood to watch a foreign movie. Some days I just want mindless movie watching but this evening I was glad I took a chance on “The Art of Seduction”. It is a true romantic comedy that depicts very animated and vibrant characters. I really appreciated that the women were feisty not just docile Korean women. It gave the movie modern twist that was unexpected. I would definitely put this in my Netflix queue – you are bound to enjoy it.


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